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The ASEAN Diagnostics Development (DxD) Initiative was jointly launched by Philippines’ ASEAN Network for Drugs, Diagnostics, Vaccines and Traditional Medicines Innovation (ASEAN-NDI) and Singapore’s Diagnostics Development Hub (DxD Hub) to co-develop diagnostic products among ASEAN Member States (AMS) that address unmet clinical needs in ASEAN. The ASEAN DxD Initiative was endorsed during COST-74 in Chiang Mai, Thailand on 8-11 May 2018.

The Philippines (PH) and Singapore (SG) are the founding co-chairs of the initiative. As part of the implementation of ASEAN DxD Initiative, a Strategic Planning Panel (SPP) was established to bring together experts and strategic stakeholders from each AMS to facilitate the development and delivery of diagnostics by ASEAN for ASEAN. The 1st ASEAN DxD Initiative SPP meeting (SPP-1) was held in Singapore on 24-25 September 2018.​

The SPP-1 meeting concurred to focus for the first call for project proposals aligning with diagnostics for Dengue, Tuberculosis (TB), Hepatitis B and Malaria. Accepting of application will be on 20th March 2019 until 31st May 2019. Applications pertaining to areas outside of the 4 key diseases may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Any AMS public and/or private sector entities are welcome to participate. Successful applicants shall be invited by the Initiative to co-develop a solution with a development fund up to USD$50,000 per project (see terms and conditions below).

The Target Product Profiles of 4 key diseases incorporating SPP’s feedback are appended in Annex A to manage the breadth of project proposals.

Annex B contains the evaluation criteria that form the basis of evaluation for proposal submissions to shortlist successful applicants.


Inaugural call for proposal

(Submission deadline extended till 15th July 2019)

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Proposal Application Details

One Step At A Time

Key disease areas initially targeted by the ASEAN DxD Initiative are dengue, tuberculosis, hepatitis B and malaria which are priority areas of unmet clinical needs, identified by Initiative’s strategic planning panel comprising stakeholders from each AMS The ASEAN DxD Initiative has launched its first call for project proposals from AMS.

The Initiative shall give a priority to proposals that are strategically fit and beneficial to ASEAN. Likewise, medical value, workflow efficiency, competitive landscape, and commercial attractiveness in the development of product are important and necessary as the eventual expected outcome should be market-ready.

Details of the application, such as proposal form and evaluation criteria can be downloaded here

We encourage interested participants to submit proposals via email to info@aseandxd.com and attach the following documents no later than the closing application date of 15th July 2019:​

  1. Completed project proposal template of ASEAN DxD Initiative

  2. Curriculum Vitae (CV) of team members.

Based on the applications received, the ASEAN DxD Initiative shall invite the relevant SPP members of the applicant’s ASEAN country, to obtain endorsement from their respective chair of Committee of Science & Technology (COST) on the ASEAN Ministerial Meeting of Science & Technology.

​Any AMS public and/or private sector entities are welcome to participate. Successful applicants shall be invited by the Initiative to co-develop a solution and shall be typically co-funded by the DxD Hub with up to USD$50,000 per project.

Quotations from Singapore and Philippines Co-Chairs

Drs Jamie Montoya & Sidney Yee

Dr. Jaime Montoya, ASEAN-NDI Secretariat and Executive Director of Philippine Council for Health Research and Development mentioned, and Chair of the ASEAN Dx Development Initiative: “Through this initiative, we are partnering with DxD Singapore because they have the connections with industry partners, the big and small companies in the ASEAN region, and they will actually match our technologies, our scientists to the right channels and maybe also guide us to the valleys of death.”

Dr Sidney Yee, CEO of Singapore’s DxD Hub and Co-Chair of the ASEAN Dx Development Initiative said: “The ASEAN Dx Development Initiative seeks to create and commercialise diagnostics products via the ASEAN ecosystem through public-private partnerships. With this first call for project proposals from the ASEAN region, we look forward to receiving robust proposals tailored towards addressing the four key disease areas identified that are predominantly found in ASEAN.”

Strategic Planning Panel (SPP) Members and Key Opinion Leaders (KOL)

ASEAN DxD Initiative Chair & Co-Chair:

  • Current Chair of Initiative: Dr Jaime Montoya, ASEAN-NDI, Philippines

  • Co-chair of Initiative: Dr Sidney Yee, DxD Hub, Singapore


  • Pg Dr Hj Sofian Pg Hj Metassan, Lead Member

  • Dr Nor Azian Hafneh, KOL

  • Ainah Haji Abdullah, KOL

(Department of Laboratory Services, Ministry of Health, Brunei Darussalam)


  • Mr Vanthou Chorn, Lead Member

(Planning, Statistics, Cooperation and ASEAN Affairs)

  • Mr. Dr. Sau Sokunna, KOL

(Department of Health & Hospital Service, Ministry of Health)

  • Ms Var Puthneath, KOL

(Department of International Cooperation & ASEAN affairs, Ministry of Health)


  • Prof Amin Soebandrio, Lead Member

(Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology)

  • Dr Tedjo Sasmono, KOL

(Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology)

  • Dr Agus Suprapto, KOL

(Ministry of Health)

Lao PDR:

  • Dr Xayphakatsa Kosonh, Lead Member

(General Biotechnology and Ecology Institute)

  • Mr Keo Phommavong, KOL

  • Dr Vanhnaseng Phouthapane, KOL

(Biotechnology and Ecology Institute)


  • Nordina Binti Idris, KOL

(Strategic Technology and S&T Application - Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change (MESTECC))

  • Rohaidah binti Hashim, KOL

(UD56 Institute for Medical Research (IMR) - Ministry of Health, Malaysia)


  • Prof Dr Htay Htay Tin, Lead Member

(General (Labs.) National Health Laboratory)

  • Dr Win Thein, KOL

(General (Labs.) National Health Laboratory)

  • Dr Eh Htoo Pe, KOL

(General (Labs.) National Health Laboratory)


  • Dr Reynaldo Garcia, Lead Member

(National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology - UP Diliman)

  • Dr John Donnie Ramos, KOL

(College of Science Unversity of Santo Tomas)

  • Gonzalo C Serafica, PhD, KOL

(Technology Transfer Business Development Office, University of the Philippines System)


  • Prof John Lim, Lead Member

(Ministry of Health, Medical Services)

  • Ms Wong Woei Jiuang, KOL

(Health Sciences Authority Singapore)

  • Raymond Chua. KOL

(Health Regulation Group at Ministry of Health)


  • Prof Prasit Palittapongarnpim, Lead Member


  • Watanalai Panbangred, KOL

(Department of Biotechnology, Mahidol University)

  • Watchara Kasinrerk, KOL

(Professor, Director of Biomedical Technology Research Center, Department of Medical Technology, Chiang Mai University)

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