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Annex B

ASEAN DxD Initiative Project Evaluation Criteria

i. Strategic Fit to ASEAN Member States

  • Health impact to ASEAN member state (e.g. Does the product reduce cost to healthcare delivery?)

ii. Value Proposition

a. Medical Value

  • Addresses unmet medical needs

  • Clear and viable intended use

  • Clinical utility (effectiveness, practicability, accessibility, acceptability)

  • Provides early window for therapeutic intervention

  • Aligns with local clinical KOLs, clinical strengths & interests

b. Workflow Efficiency

  • Labour saving and cost reduction

  • Minimal packaging and waste

  • Minimal to no training required

  • Enhances productivity in healthcare sector

  • Fits into existing clinical diagnostics and patient management workflows

c. Performance Characteristics

  • Accuracy, safety and reliability

  • Analytical performance: eg. detection limit, accuracy & precision, QC

  • Clinical performance: eg. false positives & negatives, correlations, actionable results

iii. Competition, Partnerships, Regulatory Pathway

a. Competitive Landscape

  • Comparison of proposed solution against the existing solutions (What is the unique selling point?)

  • Competing emerging technologies and start-ups (ie. can it easily be copied?)

  • Freedom to operate / execute (IP)

  • Cost & speed of in-licensing

b. Development Roadmap

  • Regulatory hurdle, commercial deployment pathway

  • Workplan, deliverables & budget

c. Development Bandwidth

  • Can the industry partner execute development & commercialization

  • Access to clinical specimens and patients

  • Involvement of local development partner

iv. Market and Operationalization

a. Commercial Attractiveness

  • Size of addressable market

  • Niche market segmentation

  • New market creation

b. Product Commercial Viability

  • Clear go-to-market roadmap (eg. user, payor, government buy-in, health economics etc.)

  • Product manufacturability and/or outsourcing plans

  • Product cost and scalability

  • Market adoption and access

  • Viable and sustainable supply chain

c. Commercialization Party Profile

  • Co-development commitment

  • Potential licensee credibility or track record

  • Further funding downstream

  • Commitment to co-funding (through host country or enterprise)

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